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ArtWeShop is an online gallery selling Murano glass artworks from contemporary Italian glass artists working in the island of Murano, Italy. Discover a fine selection of glass sculptures, figurines, jewelries, vases, chandeliers and more. All displayed design glass objects are certified genuine Murano glass artworks.

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What is Murano Glass?

When people talk about Italian art glass or Venetian art glass, they are usually referring to the sculptures, vases, chandeliers and decorative glass objects made in the island of Murano, Italy. Murano is a small island in the lagoon of Venice, where the art of glassmaking has more than 700 years of tradition. Only glass design objects made in Murano can be marketed as original Murano glass.

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The Beauty of Murano Glass

Murano glass objects are objects of high monetary and artistic value. In the island of Murano glass artists since centuries are pushing the boundaries of traditional glass making with the most daring and innovative ideas of contemporary creation. The transparency of the glass allows the incorporation of light itself as a sculptural element. Glass reflects and refracts light, accepts and transforms it by changing its color and intensity and transmitting it from one surface to another. Glass objects allow the artist to work visually with light, form and material. Unless they are broken or re-melted, glass objects last forever: they do not oxidize, rot, decay or decompose. As such glass objects of famous artists do not only preserve but increase their value over time.

Murano Glass Certificate

The majority of glass masters represented by the ArtweShop online gallery are members of the “Vetro Artistico Murano” concessionaires. The Vetro Artistico Murano trademark is the official guarantee that the glass artwork is genuine Murano glass made in the island of Murano, Italy. The Vetro Artistico Murano mark is issued under strict regulations by the region of Veneto and managed by Consorzio Promovetro. The artworks are signed by the artist, labelled by the atelier and certificate of origin is provided.

Purpose of ArtWeShop

We at ArtWeShop believe that the era of mass-produced impersonal home décor is over. We believe that there is place for art and beauty in our life. We challenge the status quo by making unique handmade Murano glass artworks available to buy online. As such, give you the possibility to have a little piece of Venice, its secrets, charms and beauty in your home. Italian glass design objects are world-wide well known and highly sought after. From statement pieces to small surprises you can find one-of-a-kind gifts.